A Liverpool Wedding

At the age of 26 Harry married 17 year old Alice Moore whose older sister Mary had married his brother four years earlier. Here is a newspaper report of the wedding. We can only guess at how an impulsive character like Harry coped with all this formality.

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Liverpool Wedding

Belfast Newsletter 28 February 1896

Page 7

The marriage of Mr Henry Jackson Clark of Upperlands, Co. Derry, and Miss Alice Warren Moore, daughter of Mr Thomas Moore, of the Bank of Liverpool, took place on the 25th inst at St James's Church, West Derby, Liverpool. The church is situated in the quiet suburbs of the city, and the weather being fine and bright there was a large gathering at the church. Mr John Bell of Belfast acted as best man. Mr Thomas Moore, father of the bride, gave her away. The service was conducted by the Rev. A. W. Robinson, vicar of the church, assisted by the Rev. George Clark, of Tullow, Dublin, and brother of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids, who carried handsome bouquets of flowers, were Miss Adams and Miss Nora Adams. They were dressed in dark crushed strawberry, trimmed with shot silk. The bride, who wore a handsome dress of French grey and pink satin, trimmed with Echru lace, also carried a magnificent bouquet of flowers, a gift from the bridegroom. Amongst the invited guests were Dr and Mrs Clark, Mrs H.C. Casey and others. The organist of the church played the following selections:- "The Voice that breathed o'er Eden," "The Village Scene" (Beethoven) and "Wedding March" (Mendelssohn). After the wedding ceremony the party adjourned to the Sefton Arms Hotel, West Derby, where an excellent lunch was provided. The newly-wedded couple later on in the day left for London, en route for the south of France, where the honeymoon will be spent.

A Shower of Gifts

The following is a list of the presents:- From bridegroom to bride, diamond pin, padlock chain bracelet, gold twisted ring, gold brooch, and diamond ring; Mr and Mrs Moore, diamond and sapphire ring; Mr Clark, Upperlands, cheque; Mrs Moore, Ballymoney, cheque; Miss J Clark, apostle teaspoons; Mr and Mrs A W Clark, handsome drawing clock; Rev G W and Mrs Clark, Dublin, silver teaspoons; Miss F Clark, handsome horn-mounted silver gong; Dr and Mrs Clark, Hanmer, cheque; Rev. Geo and Mrs Sweetnam, fish knives and forks; Mr N W Clark, table linen; Mr S.C. Moore, salad bowl; Mr S. F. Moore, jewellery case; Miss C.F. and A.L. Clark, Castledawson, automation memorandum clock; Dr and Mrs Moore, Dublin, cheque; Rev Canon Courtenay and Mrs Moore, Michelstown, silver-backed mirror; Mr and Mrs Wm Moore, Shetland shawl; Mrs Kilroe, silver teapot; Miss Moore, dinner service; Mrs Dudgeon, Dublin, cheque; Mrs Gore, Whitechurch, silver breadboard; Miss M Clark, Kilrea, silver butter dish and knife; Mrs Young, Finaghy, fish carver and fork; Misses Rita and Louise Moore, Michelstown, picture, with silver-mounted frame; Captain and Mrs Armstrong, silver pin tray; Mrs Clark, silver crumb scoop; Mr John Bell, toilet case; Mr David Waugh silver salt-cellars; Mr B.O. Lane, silver fruit dish; Miss Violent MacLaine, silver-mounted carvers; Mr Walter Berwick, table linen; Miss Wray silver sugar tongs; Mr Wm Neilson, pearl and ruby ring; Mr Addis, silver tea kettle; Miss F Tudall, gold and pearl horse-shoe bracelet; Mr and Mrs H. C, Casey, silver-backed brush; Mr F.S.A. Lovegrove, silver napkin rings; Miss Lamb, oil painting; Mrs Harrison, copy of Lamia, illustrated by John Keats; Mr and Mrs Scott of Ballymoney, silver pickle fork and sugar-sifter; Miss Lewis, pickle fork; Miss Mia Evans, butter knife; Miss Getty, sugar basin and silver; Mrs J and W Kennedy, cuckoo clock; Mrs Richardson, sideboard cloth; Miss Nina Doherty, afternoon teacloth; Miss May Turner, London, silver button-hooks and shoehorn; Mrs Evans, silver-topped scent-bottle; Miss Richardson, silver jamspoons; Mrs Smith, ornamental flower-stand; Miss Gertie Shaw, card-case; Mrs Anderson, box bon-bons; and servants at Newham Park, lamps and other articles; the workers at Upperlands, silver tea and coffee service; Miss Ella Adams, sideboard cloth; Master and Miss Adams, silver pin tray and photo frame; Miss Nora Adams, painting.

50 Years On

Half a century after marrying in Liverpool, Harry and Alice celebrated their life together surrounded by family and friends.